Top 3 Ways We Creatively Utilize Conveyor Belts

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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<p>From assembly lines to a Mythbusters episode titled, “Airplane on a Conveyor Belt”, this modern man-made marvel has revolutionized how industrial companies are able to increase their product output and decrease costs. However, <a href=””>innovative conveyor belts</a> don’t stop there, so what follows is a tribute to businesses taking conveyor belts to the next level.</p>
<p><li><strong>Streamlining Sushi</strong> – Sushi restaurants across the world are revamping their marketing campaign and streamlining the way customers are able to get their fair share of sushi variety. Not only is this a creative way to take some stress off of sushi waiters, but it also has <a href=””>increased profits in a challenging economy</a>. <a href=’; >Click here to see conveyor belt sushi in action.</a></li></p>
<p><li><strong>Conveyor Belt Advertising</strong> – Today’s marketers look at any object that has a solid color and more than a foot of real estate as an opportunity to ADVERTISE! This is demonstrated basically everywhere you look, but we like to applaud those who <a href=””>manage this advertising in style</a>. From check out line conveyor belts to airport luggage conveyors, a splash of creativity can go a long way, especially when its moving.
<img alt=”” src=”,casino,placement,advertisement,airport,baggage-1a44a0377a640eebbf20cd6f743eca4d_h.jpg&#8221; width=”150″ height=”150″ /></li></p>
<p><li><strong>Theme Park Thrills</strong> – For years theme parks have been imagineering a new way to give us the thrills we desire, all while sitting in a tiny little cubicle, moved along a long “carveyor”. Yes that is correct, theme parks have dubbed the <a href=””>high incline conveyor belt system</a> they use a <em>carveyor</em>. These little creative contraptions combine the ingenuity of conveyor belts with stunning visuals and a whole lot of near 90 degree drops. In tribute, here is a list of the <a href=””>50 best rollercoasters in the world</a>.</li></p></ul>
<p>In summary, I feel it’s more than appropriate to tip our hats in the direction of those original conveyor belt innovators. Without them, who knows where we would be today.</p>
<p><strong>Photo Credit: <a href=””>VisualizeUs</a></p&gt;

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